Posted On Fri, Jun 21, 2024

Here we present 3 best-selling FREEMANS Tools, essential components for any complete toolbox: 

1. FREEMANS IKON Auto-lock Measuring Tape 

ikon measuring tape













  • Auto-lock mechanism automatically holds the table blade in place when extended, facilitating easier measurements over longer distances. 
  • 1. Unbreakable ABS case stands up to the toughest jobsite demands. 2. Bi-material case overmoulded with non-slip rubber for a better and more comfortable grip. 
  • The tape blade is coated with our Dura Coat Technology, making it highly resistant to abrasion and repeated use, with a 4X longer life. 2. The tape blade has a matt Glare-Free finish, making it easier to read measurements in bright outdoor conditions. 
  • Equipped with a Belt Clip for easy storage and portability in and around the jobsite. 
  • Manufactured to Class II Accuracy, with the highest quality raw materials and components. Proudly made in India.

2. FREEMANS Box Section Magnetic Spirit Level

bsm spirit level

box section spirit level

  • 180*, 90* and 45* High Visibility, Shock Resistant, Block Vials facilitate easy reading of measurements. 
  • Heavy Duty aluminium body stands up to the toughest jobsite demands. 
  • Shock Absorbent End Caps for added durability. 
  • Equipped with a Magnetic Base for hands free use on metal surfaces. 
  • Manufactured to an accuracy of 0.029*, 0.5mm/m, with the highest quality raw materials and components. Proudly made in India. 

 3. FREEMANS Vernier Caliper 

vernier caliper

FREEMANS Vernier caliper

  • Dual Vernier Scale with upper scale measuring in inches and the lower scale measuring in millimetres 
  • Multiple measuring applications including Outside measurement, Inside measurement, Depth measurement and Step measurement 
  • Accuracy of ±0.04mm/0.0016in, Resolution of 0.02mm(0.001in) 
  • Durable and accurate instrument with hardened stainless-steel body 
  • FREEMANS Vernier Caliper comes with a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects 


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