• FREEMANS Measuring Tapes, Spirit Levels and Hand Tools carry a Lifetime Guarantee against defects in material & workmanship and if found defective will be replaced free of charge.
  • FREEMANS Test & Measure and Precision products are covered by a 1-year Limited Guarantee against defects in material & workmanship and if found defective will be replaced free of charge. This is valid from the date of final sale.
  • Kindly note the Guarantees do not cover damage caused by misuse, modification, accident or fair wear and tear.

FMI Limited is the only Indian company to offer a full Lifetime Guarantee against defects in material & workmanship for its extensive Measuring Tape range. This warranty is a testament to our unbeatable quality in the Measuring Tools category.

Please email us with your purchase invoice and pictures of your product on [email protected]. Upon receipt of your email, we will be in touch with next steps.

Kindly fill in the form on our website, HERE. Please mention here that you are interested in becoming a dealer for FREEMANS products. You will be sent a dealership form to complete via email.

There is no set eligibility criteria for dealership. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. The main relevant factors are:

  • Whether the company already has dealers in the said location.
  • The financial standing of the applicant.
  • The ability of the applicant to support all product categories of FREEMANS products.

The average time for FMI Limited to get back to you on your request for dealership is 7 days.

FMI Limited is the pioneer and largest manufacturer of Measuring Tapes in India. We have one of the most extensive Measuring Tape portfolios in the world. Our products span Pocket Measuring Tapes, Fibreglass Measuring Tapes, Long Steel Measuring Tapes and Metal Wired Measuring Tapes. FREEMANS Measuring Tapes are available in all popular sizes and graduations, and can be customized if need be. Browse our unbeatable range to find a tape measure to cater to your jobsite requirement. You are sure to find a measuring tape for your every need!

FREEMANS Steel Measuring Tapes are manufactured to Class II Legal Metrology/Class II OIML Accuracy using the highest quality raw materials and components. FREEMANS Fibreglass Measuring Tapes are manufactured to Class III Legal Metrology/Class III OIML Accuracy.

Each FREEMANS Tape Measure is designed and manufactured in our dedicated manufacturing facilities in Punjab.

Please read our blog on how to maintain your Measuring Tapes, HERE.

Calibrated tapes are supplied with a certificate showing you the error within Class II Accuracy. The purpose of calibrated tapes is to help assure precise measurements. A single calibrated tape can be used as a benchmark to ensure the maintained accuracy of all other tapes. If you wish to purchase calibrated tapes at an extra charge, kindly email us at [email protected].

FREEMANS Dip Stainless Steel Measuring Tape is specially designed to measure under water and other liquid solvents. It is highly rust and corrosion resistant. Read more about this tape HERE.

A bull hook is a double-sided end hook which allows you to measure from both sides of a tape blade. It is used on double-side printed Measuring Tapes such as TUFF , NEXA , TRANS and ZEST. Normal end hooks are used on one-side printed Measuring Tapes.

Magnetic hooks clasp onto steel surfaces, allowing the user to take measurements single-handedly.

A double-side printed Measuring Tape blade helps with easy reading of measurements in hard to reach places. FREEMANS TUFF , NEXA , TRANS and ZEST Measuring Tapes feature a double-side printed tape blade.

All FREEMANS Measuring Tapes are coated with rust resistant paint and then given a top coat of special clear overcoat to protect the numbers/printing on the tape blade. For use in water and/or in extreme wet conditions, we recommend the use of FREEMANS Stainless Steel long tapes, FREEMANS Stainless Steel Dip Tapes or FREEMANS Fibreglass Measuring Tapes .

CARE : After use in wet conditions, always dry and clean your tape blade with a soft cloth. This will ensure a longer life for your Tape Measure.

FREEMANS IKON features an auto-lock tape with a press release button. The auto-lock mechanism automatically holds the table blade in place when extended, facilitating easier measurements over longer distances. FREEMANS GRIPP features a click-action front lock button, as well as a pause button to hold the tape blade in place when extended. Both IKON and GRIPP Measuring Tapes have a soft-grip bi-material case and a DURA-COAT tape blade.

The Dura-coat technology makes the tape blade highly resistant to abrasion and repeated use. It promises a 4x longer life. It matt, glare-free finish makes it is easy to read even in bright outdoor conditions .

A normal rivet is made of copper and has a different appearance to an aluminium rivet. However, both serve the same purpose, that is , to attach the tape blade to the Tru Zero end hook securely. The choice is usually determined by a tradesman's preference. FREEMANS end hooks are highly durable and are manufactured with best in class quality rivets and fitting mechanisms. If you would like to know more about our Tapes with aluminium rivets, information on the FREEMANS GORILLA 3m and 5m Measuring Tapes can be found HERE.

Our Amazon store carries a wide range of FREEMANS Measuring Tapes & Tools and can be found on Amazon.in: FREEMANS. For bulk quantities, we are also happy to connect you to our closest dealer. Kindly contact us using the form HERE.

To leave any feedback about our products and services, contact us on [email protected].

Our Sales office is located at 8-006, 8-007, 8th Floor, Emaar Capital Tower No. 1, MG Road Gurugram – 122002 (Sector 26) Haryana, India.

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