Measuring Tapes

Trans – FT

Product Features

Unbreakable transparent case

Pause button

Click-action front lock


Imperial w/Fractional & Vertical Imperial
Combined w/Fractional , both sides
Combined Bold & Imperial w/Fractional
Combined Bold & Metric Bold
Combined & Vertical Combined
End Hooks

Standard (16mm)

Standard (19mm)

Standard (25mm)



Magnetic Metric


Nail Slot & Scriber

Available Sizes

3m:16mm 5m:19mm

Product Description

  • UNBREAKABLE ABS CASE stands up to the toughest jobsite demands.
  • CLICK-ACTION FRONT LOCK used to hold the tape blade in place when extended, facilitating easier measurements over long distances.
  • PAUSE BUTTON: The pause button is to safely pause the tape blade and prevent uncontrolled retraction.
  • MULTI-COLOUR: The Measuring Tape is available in 3 fluorescent colours Red, Yellow & Green. 
  • Designed and manufactured in our own facility, TRANS series boasts Class II Accuracy.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ON FREEMANS MEASURING TAPES: FREEMANS is pleased to offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects on its Measuring Tapes.