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What is a Measuring Wheel?

Measuring Wheels offer quick and easy solutions for long distance measuring requirements. Also known as roadometers, they consist of a wheel that rolls along the ground, a handle to push them along, and a digital or analogue counter to measure the distance. Measuring wheels record measurements effortlessly as you walk forwards or backwards – measurements will subtract if you retract your steps. 

What is a Measuring Wheel used for?

Most Measuring Wheels can measure distances of up to 10,000 metres and are relatively simple to use. Moreover, they can measure in any shape and are not limited to linear measurements. They are thus ideal for measuring boundaries and large external and internal spaces single-handedly, including construction sites, paths, roads, and fields.

The Measuring Wheel was first invented in the 1600s and has largely remained the same. The main developments in this tool have been focused on comfort, efficiency, and accuracy. A caveat is that Measuring Wheels function with reduced accuracy when used at an incline or in a rough or uneven terrain.


Choosing the right Measuring Wheel for your job 

Measuring Wheels come in various sizes and styles. Larger wheels will usually be better for longer distances, while smaller wheels may be easier to manoeuvre. Some top tips to consider before making your purchase: 

  Digital vs Analogue? 
  • Digital wheels may provide some additional benefits such as a large, easy to read LCD screen, ability to store measurement data and so on. However, they will not be as economical as analogue wheels 
  • Digital Wheels are likely to offer measurement unit change  
  • Digital Wheels may need to be calibrated from time to time 
  Measuring Wheel Grip and Height 
  • Consider Measuring Wheels with a comfortable grip when measuring long distances. Some will also have a brake in the handle to stop precisely 
  • Most Quality Measuring Wheels will have an adjustable handle and should be set to comfortable handle height for the user 
 Portability and storage 
  • Foldable Measuring Wheels are more compact for portability and storage 

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