Posted On Tue, Feb 6, 2024

1. TRU-ZERO HOOK – The end hook of your Tape Measure is meant to move!

The end-hook of a FREEMANS Measuring Tapes slides to compensate for its own thickness, to give accurate measurements when measuring from the inside or the outside surface of the end hook. The normal range of movement of the end hook is 1mm, which is the same as the thickness of the end hook. 

End hooks that do not slide as per the above, i.e. those with ‘no play’ will not give accurate inside and outside measurements, and the Measuring Tapes will fail even the most basic tests of accuracy.  


2. INSIDE MEASUREMENT – How to correctly measure inside corners! 

Majority of Tape Measures come with their length written at the back of the tape. This is to help with inside measurements.

Tape Length

For utmost accuracy, measure inside corners or cupboards and windows using the length of the tape you are using. This is demonstrated in the diagram below –just remember to add the length written at the back of the tape to your measurement! 


 3. What is the house shaped mark at the 16Inch graduation line on FREEMANS Measuring Tapes? 

For building thatched wooden roofs of houses in the United Kingdom many decades ago, wooden planks of 16Inch length were used, as this was the prevailing standard. The house shaped mark, the technical term for which is ‘stud mark’ was added to the 16Inch graduation line of measuring tapes sold in the United Kingdom as an aid for carpenters and builders in the house construction trade. Until date, most traditional Tape Measures continue to bear the stud mark. 

House shape

4. Locate and use the Nail slot on your end hook to facilitate single-handed measurements 

There is an extremely useful small hole on your end hook. This hole can hook onto a nail or a screw to take measurements single-handedly. 

You can also use the nail slot to draw a circle. Choose your radius and keep the pencil at the specified length. Keep the slot hooked onto the nail, as you swing the tape around in a circular motion. 

 5. The bottom of your end hook is a Scriber 

The bottom of your End Hook features a serrated edge which can be used for scribing. This serrated edge/scriber can be used to mark up any materials the user is working on.  

Nail sciber

6. Use a double-sided tape measure for overhead measurements 

Some of FREEMANS Tape Measures like TUFF, ZEST, TRANS and NEXA have been printed on both sides of the blade to enable easier overhead measurements or use in awkward spaces. 

Double height

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