Precision Tools

0-150mm (0-6Inch) Digital Caliper

Product Features

Metric-inch system inter change

Manual power on/off & auto power on/off

Stainless steel

Graduation: 0.01mm/0.0005inch


Measurement of internal dimensions

Measurement of external dimensions

Depth measurement

Step measurement

Switch between mm and inch

Set to Zero

Relative measurement

Available Sizes

0-150mm/0-6inch 0-200mm/0-8inch 0-300mm/0-12inch

FREEMANS Digital Calipers

  • LARGE LCD DISPLAYS easily interchangeable Metric and Inch measurement readings.
  • MULTIPLE MEASURING APPLICATIONS including Outside measurement, Inside measurement, Depth measurement and Step measurement.
  • Advanced functions include RELATIVE MEASUREMENT or the ability to take measurements relative to a pre-set reference point.
  • ACCURACY of ±0.03mm/0.0012in, Resolution of 0.01mm(0.0005in).
  • IP54 RATING to protect against dust and water.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY CARD. The FREEMANS Digital Caliper comes complete with batteries, and an instruction manual (including warranty card).