Precision Tools

0-150mm (0-6Inch) Vernier Caliper

Product Features

Stainless steel

Screws for fine adjustment

Graduation: 0.02mm, 0.001inch

Available Sizes

0-150mm/0-6inch 0-20mm/0-8inch 0-300mm/0-12inch 0-450mm/0-18inch 0-600mm/0-24inch

FREEMANS Vernier Caliper

  • DUAL VERNIER SCALE with upper scale measuring in inches and the lower scale measuring in millimetres.
  • MULTIPLE MEASURING APPLICATIONS including Outside measurement, Inside measurement, Depth measurement and Step measurement.
  • ACCURACY of ±0.03mm/0.0012in, Resolution of 0.02mm(0.001in).
  • DURABLE and ACCURATE instrument with hardened stainless-steel body.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY CARD. The FREEMANS Vernier Caliper comes with a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.