Precision Tools

0-10mm Dial Indicator


Steel body

Shock proof dial indicator

Metal dial adjustment ring

Stainless steel measuring spindle

Measuring Range

0-10mm 0-25mm

FREEMANS Dial Indicator

  • MEASURING RANGE: The range of the Dial Indicator is 0 – 10mm with graduations of 0.01mm.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE & RELIABLE: The Dial Indicator is shock proof with a steel body and a stainless-steel measuring spindle. It features a metal dial adjustment ring.
  • COMPACT: Easy to read, store and carry. Can be used seamlessly in mass production.
  • RANGE OF USES: Ideal comparator tool used widely in mechanical, industrial processes, and laboratory applications.
  • Available in 0-10mm and 0-25mm Measuring Range.