Measuring Tapes

5m PRO-TEK Measuring Tape

Product Features

Bi-material rubberised case

Click-action front lock

Pause button

Dura coat tape blade with 4x longer life

3m:16mm 5m:19mm 7.5m:25mm


  • BI-MATERIAL RUBBERISED CASE: 1. Unbreakable ABS case stands up to the toughest jobsite demands. 2. Case overmoulded with non-slip rubber for a better and more comfortable grip.
  • CLICK-ACTION FRONT LOCK: Click-Action Front Lock button can be used to hold the tape blade in place when extended, facilitating easier measurements over longer distances.
  • PAUSE BUTTON: Pause button allows the user to temporarily hold the tape blade in place when extended, facilitating quicker and easier measurements over longer distances.
  • DURA-COAT TAPE BLADE: 1. The tape blade is coated with our Dura Coat Technology, making it highly resistant to abrasion and repeated use, with a 4X longer life 2. The tape blade has a matt Glare-Free finish, making it easier to read measurements in bright outdoor conditions.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA: Each tape is carefully designed and manufactured in our facility to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ON FREEMANS MEASURING TAPES: FREEMANS is pleased to offer a Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects on its Measuring Tapes.