Test And Measure Tools

40m Laser Distance Meter

Product Features

Illuminated LCD display

Rubberised body for comfortable handling

Vial bubble for increased precision

Compact and portable

Complimentary carry bag

IP54 protection against dust

IP54 protection against water

Measurement accuracy ±1.5mm


Single measurement (L, B or H)

Area measurement (LxB)

Volume measurement (LxBxH)

Pythagorean Indirect measurement

Store upto 99 measurements

Switching of measurement units from mm/ft/in

Multiple measuring reference points

Add/subtract measurements

Available Sizes

40m 60m 100m
130ft 195ft 330ft

FREEMANS Laser Distance Meter

  • COMPLEX CALCULATIONS IN LESS THAN 0.5 SECONDS: Point and click to get single measurements and also more complex calculations such as area, volume and Pythagorean indirect measurement. Add/Subtract and also store data (upto 99 measurements) as per your requirements.
  • PROFESSIONAL LEVELS OF ACCURACY: The laser distance meter provides an accuracy of upto +/-1.5mm. A Vial bubble is present for increased levels of precision. Available in 40m, 60m and 100m measurement ranges.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY: Carefully designed rubberized body for comfortable handling, and a backlit screen for better visibility in dark areas. IP54 and CE certified. Item size is 118 x 54 x 26.5mm.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY CARD. The laser distance meter is portable and comes complete with Laser Meter, Carry Pouch, Sling, Instruction Manual, Batteries and Warranty card.
  • Other NOTABLE PARAMETERS include self-calibration, staking-out function, and delay measurement. Extra piece provided for dead corner measurement. Internal memory storage of up to 99 measurements.

Product Video