Measuring Wheels

30cm (12-Inch) ABS Measuring Wheel

Product Features

Light and durable ABS wheel with PVC tyre

Two section telescopic handle

Mechanical 5 digit counter meter

12-inch wheel

Folding stand

Carry bag

Available Sizes


FREEMANS 30cm (12-Inch) ABS Measuring Wheel

  • (1) MEASUREMENT RANGE of 0-10km. (2) Least count: 1m. 
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE 30cm (12) ABS wheel with wear resistant special rubber tyre for improved traction and longer life. 
  • MECHANICAL 5 DIGIT COUNTER with quick reset lever. 
  • Equipped with FOLDING WHEEL MOUNT, TWO-SECTION TELESCOPIC HANDLE and complimentary carry bag. 
  • IDEAL FOR MEASURING LARGE surfaces, external and internal spaces single-handedly, including construction sites, paths, roads and fields.